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"Dont sext me those things when Im literally the other side of my dads bedroom wall it is not a low profile room" A novel.

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Chatting on tinder about me wanting to work with kids in community art programmes and cosplaying and get asked if I make my own custom underwear, that Im “sensible” for not wearing revealling clothes (I said Im not comfortable with that) and then got “ashame really stunning body by the looks of it”.
Right. Okay. What? Literally not a compliment at all to me. From alright chat to total creeper in 0 seconds.
What do I really expect from tinder though lets be fair.

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Just been to visit my gran and its broken my heart to see her like that. She cant speak or move her right side. Tubes everywhere. Nearly burst out crying a few times but had to calm myself because I dont want her seeing me upset she’d hate that.
She looked at me and grabbed/squeezed my hand really tight and stroked my fingers so I know that she recognised me and knew I was there. We left early though cuz she was knackered after physio and we wanted her to sleep.
Dunno if Ill get to see her tomorrow before I go back to carlisle :(

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Back in scotland so OBVIOUSLY indulging in a half pizza supper. Deep fried too perfectiooonnnn
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Back in #scotland for a couple days and discovered my dad has made a #summer house. Eh? #colour #yellow #blue #bluesky
Little girl on the bus singing “Let it go” and “do you want to build a snowman” just MELTED MY FROZEN HEART and cheered me up after a horrible fucking day. She was absolutely the cutest thing.

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We are looking for a professional illustrator for a custom t-shirt design (paid of course). Theme: beard. :P
If you are interested, please send a link to your portfolio and rates to beardsftwblog@gmail.com.
Thanks! :)
Estamos procurando um ilustrador profissional para um design customizado para camiseta (trabalho pago é claro). Tema: barba. :P
Se estiver interessado, por favor envie um link para o seu portfólio e preços para beardsftwblog@gmail.com.
Obrigado! :)

Oooooh! Might have to enter. Who knows eh. But to my specifically illustrator pals, get on this.

Going out for drinks with unwashed hair, ripped tights, and boots where one is missing the grips so Im a cm off on one foot. Looking and walking like an actuall hobo

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stabilized star trek shot

That one guy in the back forgot what was supposed to happen

Work has crippled me today. I feel sore and tired and I hate being a real adult.

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okay so I made a video for youtube but I LOOK LIKE A SLOTH in the video so im like….do I open up my world to that kind of criticism haha. “slothgirl”

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