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I posted a big thing about this on my facebook last night.
Being a Scottish woman who has always ticked the “Scottish” not “British” boxes on all my legal forms, but has also been living and working in England for the last 3 years, I have so so so many conflicting feelings towards the Independence debate.
I am a Scottish woman who doesn’t get to vote because I have been away from my country for too long.

I know what I WOULD have voted, and that’s based on living in both sides of the border throughout my lifetime, but I wouldn’t dare openly talk about that online where I could potentially sway someones vote either way.
I’ve made my opinions clear to my friends and some people I’ve spoken to over the last few weeks, but no matter what happens I want Scotland to remain as united as they have been because it is the first time in my life I have ever seen my country come together and burst with pride either way.

Knowing my friends and family are making Scotlands biggest decision today terrifies me. I don’t get a choice in what happens to my country, or in effect - to me -  and that shit is scary.
No matter what the vote is, please remember how much Scotland has come together because it’s so fucking rare to find especially in times of hardships and war.

Whatever you do, just vote. 

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seriously having an almost orgasm over the food I just made.
I discovered some chicken, and some stock and whipped up a creamy and spicy chicken pasta dinner and JFC IM AMAZING

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Cannae be arsed whatsoever today
fucking been up coughing all night and I have a full day at work with old people and I fucking can’t deal with that thought rn

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Wait. … wait…

don’t do that stop doing that
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Enjoying my day off with some totes child appropriate clothing

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All I have to eat in the house rn in bread and cheese. I dont get paid until the weekend. I dont even have enough bread and cheese to last that long haha. fml hahaha

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Im still hungry. Clearly mac n cheese was not satisfactory enough

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Posted 2 days ago on Monday

Also shameless selfie.because I went out the other night and so actually cut my hair and did my makeup, yay!

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deadpool understands me


My friend Laila in Gaza reports that although Israel is no longer bombing her area, Gazans are having to endure a 56 hour cut in electricity and water supplies.

Just because it’s not on your news it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

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